Term Description Type Properties Example Enum
aligner Reference to mapping/alignment software string NA bwa-0.7.8 NA
analysisDate Date at which analysis was performed. string NA 2021-10-17 NA
biosampleId Reference to the id of the biosample this analysis is reporting on. string NA S0001 NA
id Analysis reference ID (external accession or internal ID) string NA NA NA
individualId Reference to the id of the individual this analysis is reporting on. string NA P0001 NA
info Placeholder to allow the Beacon to return any additional information that is necessary or could be of interest in relation to the query or the entry returned. It is recommended to encapsulate additional informations in this attribute instead of directly adding attributes at the same level than the others in order to avoid collision in the names of attributes in future versions of the specification. object NA NA NA
pipelineName Analysis pipeline and version if a standardized pipeline was used string NA Pipeline-panel-0001-v1 NA
pipelineRef Link to Analysis pipeline resource string NA https://doi.org/10.48511/workflowhub.workflow.111.1 NA
runId Run identifier (external accession or internal ID). string NA SRR10903401 NA
variantCaller Reference to variant calling software / pipeline string NA GATK4.0 NA


These are examples extracted directly from the GitHub repository.

=== "MIN" json { "$schema": "https://json-schema.org/draft/2020-12/schema", "analysisDate": "2021-10-17", "id": "analyses-example-0001", "pipelineName": "Pipeline-panel-0001-v1" }

=== "MAX" json { "$schema": "https://json-schema.org/draft/2020-12/schema", "aligner": "bwa-0.7.8", "analysisDate": "2021-10-17", "biosampleId": "S0001", "id": "analyses-example-0001", "individualId": "P0001", "pipelineName": "Pipeline-panel-0001-v1", "pipelineRef": "https://doi.org/10.48511/workflowhub.workflow.111.1", "runId": "SRR10903401", "variantCaller": "GATK4.0" }